eDiscovery Consulting Services

In-House Counsel and Law Firm Litigation Departments

The Organizing Mind for Your eDiscovery ProjectsTM

We will take care of your project, manage the people you rely on and ensure optimal results with reduced costs and clear communication. You will experience:

  • Relevant information delivered more quickly
  • Lower costs
  • Smoother interactions with your client, opposing counsel, your review team and your service providers
  • Fewer mistakes, reduced stress
  • Greater technical proficiency on the part of your reviewers and support staff
  • Better metrics and insight into project progress
  • Enhanced quality and confidence

Document Review Tool Upgrade (including "Summation Replacement")

  • Needs assessment and gap analysis for your litigation practice
  • RFP consulting and vetting of vendor proposals
  • Assistance with deployment, training and related process improvement

Discovery Plans

Assistance with custodian interviews, data mapping, the selection of appropriate data processing and review methods and the preparation of focused and proportional discovery plans in cases of varying size and complexity.

Relativity Features: Advice and Training

As one of only a handful of Relativity Certified Administrators ("RCAs") in Canada - and perhaps the only Relativity Expert in Canada - David can provide immediate benefits to your Relativity users on everything from searching and Pivot to advanced features like Event Handlers and Dynamic Objects, as well as Structured and Conceptual Analytics and Assisted Review.

Corporations and Government Entities

We are available to advise on a range of information-management and ediscovery-related topics, including:  

  • Litigation Readiness Consulting  
  • Skills and process enhancements  
  • Appropriate approaches to the cataloguing, capture, processing, indexing and classification of documents, both hard copy and electronic  
  • In-house ediscovery, document review and investigations  

Individual Plaintiffs

We can help you deal with sophisticated defendants and their outside counsel who may not be handling discovery in the cooperative manner called for by the Rules.

  • Paper-only productions are not good enough.
  • You are entitled to specify the format of production you want.
  • You are entitled to useful indexes -- for example, showing Date, Author, Recipients, Subject/Title, Filename and family relationships for each document, not just groups of documents.
  • If you want searchable documents (PDFs), you are entitled to them if the original documents were searchable.

We also provide affordable scanning, processing and indexing services so that you can make sense of your own documents.

Presentations / Lunch-time sessions

  • eDiscovery primer
  • Tips and tricks in Excel and Relativity
  • eDiscovery terminology and demystification
  • Standard ediscovery workflows
  • Families, deduplication, threading, propagation
  • Search-and-review best practices
  • Analytics, concept searching and TAR: the basics

Tool-specific training

  • Relativity – Introduction for reviewers
  • Relativity – Advanced reviewer functionality
  • Relativity – Administrator features
  • EDT – Introduction
  • EDT – Advanced reviewer functionality
  • EDT – Administrator features