Affordable eDiscovery for Self-Representing Litigants

1. Your Challenge

 You are involved in litigation
... and you are representing yourself
... and you know you have important documents on your computer but don't know how to find them, or you can't review them all, one at a time.

You need to organize, search, and make decisions about them, and then gather the important ones in one place. 

2. But You Don't Know What to Do

 Lawyers are too expensive or your lawyer doesn't know how to do this.

Service providers are too expensive or working with them is just too complex. And you probably don't know where to find them. 

3. We Can Help

Imagine meeting someone in a coffee shop and, after a few of hours, the universe of emails and files on your laptop has become a folder containing just the files that you care about, with an index of key information: Date, From, To, Subject, File name,...

You can review these important files in your own time, provide them to a lawyer, share them, or print them out and attach them to an Affidavit.

They're all numbered and indexed for easy reference. You can open them directly from the index. 

For smaller volumes, we can do this on your laptop, in a coffee shop.

For larger volumes or more complex situations, we can discuss your needs so that I know what you are looking for. I would then take a day or two to perform the work and provide you with the results.

4. Why sharpe-edc?

I am an experienced ediscovery professional – one of the leaders in in Canada. You can learn more at or on LinkedIn.

I am an independent consultant to law firms and corporations, but I also offer my expertise to people who have limited budgets or have nowhere to go for help.

I charge reasonable rates and provide a report on what I have done:
- what you asked me to do
- the data you pointed me to
- a listing of these original files, including path, file name, and "hash value" (for chain-of-custody and quality-control purposes)
- a description of how I searched your files
- a folder containing the resulting files
- a listing of these files, with relevant index information (Date, From, To, Subject, Filename,…)

If this sounds like the kind of help you need, please contact me. I am ready to assist.

5. A typical engagement

You call me and we discuss what you need to do with your files. 

If we decide I can help you, we move forward. If you decide not to proceed, there is no charge.

We meet in person (the coffee shop idea) or we have an online shared-screen session, so that I can take control of your computer. You will see everything I do with your files.

I set up an online account in the platform where we will work on your files. Only you and I have access to this account. It is encrypted using bank-level security. We copy your files to the online platform. Your original files remain untouched.

After gathering the files you want, we put them on your computer, or maybe onto a USB stick, and confirm that everything is there. Then we delete your files from the online account. And we're done.

Later, I write up my report and send it to you, along with an online invoice.

And this can all happen in an afternoon. 

6. Affordable rates for SRLs

Data, per gigabyte: $80

Consulting, per hour: $200

Assume 2 GB of data (a lot for an average case) + 3 hrs of consulting: $760

plus HST = $858.80